Rama Nama Mahima

yatra yatra raghunāthakīrtanaṁ tatra tatra kr̥tamastakāṁjalim
vāṣpavāriparipūrṇālōcanaṁ mārutiṁ namata rākṣasāntakam ..
Wherever the Glories of Raghunatha are Sung, there, with Hands held over His Bowed Head in Salutation, ...
... and Eyes Filled with emotion, Maruti (Bhakta Hanuman) is Present; I Salute Who puts an End to the Rakshasas.
Lord Rama's bridge transported many monkeys and bears over the waters;
Through the power of Rama Nama innumerable souls have crossed samsara.
Lord Rama conferred immortality to his devotees like Sabari and Jatayu
Rama Nama has delivered ordinary people without qualification.
Lord Rama killed demons like Ravana, Kara and Kumbhakarana
Rama Nama has extinguished innumerable demonic qualities in us.

Lakshmana's Arrow in the Name of Lord Rama

Meghanad defeated Indra and became Indrajit

    During the devasura war, Indra and Ravana got into a vicious duel in which Ravana is defeated and faints. Meghanad, enraged, engaged in a duel with Indra. He defeated him and tied him to his chariot and took him to Earth. Brahma, feared that Meghanad might kill Indra, who is the king of the gods, and intervened. He asked Meghanad to release Indra in exchange of a boon. Thus Meghanad became Indrajit.

    Indrajit only entered the battle after Ravana was defeated and Kumbhakarna was killed. He employed all of his sorcery skills. This made it very hard for Rama and Lakshmana to kill him because Indrajit would suddenly disappear from their vision and appear behind them.Indrajit let loose one of his most powerful weapons – the Nagapash. The weapon unleashed a million snakes that wrapped themselves around the bodies of Rama and Lakshmana. They fell utterly exhausted and had to be revived by Divine Garuda.

    Frustrated that he could not still defeat all of them, he unleashed most terrible weapon. Rama and Lakshmana yielded to the weapon. This was the reason Hanuman had to go to the Himalayas to get the Sanjeevani herbs. Indrajit was surprised on the next day that Rama and Lakshmana were still alive. If the mightiest weapon didn’t work, what would? He needed time to do the Yagna which would make him invincible. So he planned to psychologically demoralize the entire vanara army. He created an illusory Sita so real, everyone believed it to be her and killed her. Luckily Vibhishana saw through his game and helped Lakshmana along with Hanuman to interrupt his yagna. 

     In a terrific fight that ensued Lakshmana and Indrajit, who were engaged in releasing several streams of arrows, fought like two lions. Lakshmana the foremost among humans and Indrajit the foremost among rakshas fought ferociously.

     Finally fitting a missile presided over by Indra to his bow and drawing it, Lakshmana discharged it at Indrajit after making the following prayer (Yuddha Kanda – Sarga 90 – Sloka 71) :

dharmātmā satyasandhaśca rāmō dāśarathiryadi |
pauruṣē cāpratidvandvastadēnaṁ jahi rāvaṇim |
shara = O; my dear arrow!yadi = if; raamaH = Rama; daasharathiH = the son of Dasaratha;
1. dharmaatmaa = virtueous one;
2. satya sadhashcha = keeps up his promise;
3. apratidvandvaH cha = and is second to none; pauruSham = in prowess; 
jahi = kill; enam = this; raavaNim = Indrajit.

“O my dear arrow! If Rama the son of Dasaratha has set his mind on virtue (Dharma), keeps up his promise and is second to none in his prowess, destroy this Indrajit.”

It was the invocation of the Great Name of Lord Rama - which connects to the ascetic power of Sri Rama as dharmātmā, satyasandhaśca and apratidvandva: pauruṣē that eliminated the unconquerable Indrajit.


Lakshmana Invoking the Power of Lord through Rama Nama to defeat Indrajit

Question then is -

1. Can we use Lord Rama's Name only to eliminate evil ?

2. Should Lord Rama be in front of somebody for his Name to work ?

3. What about using the power of the Rama Name to progress Spiritually ?

Miracle of Rama Nama - Making of Thyaga Brahmam

Renowned composer of Carnatic music of the 18th Century

Sri Tyagaraja’s father had been initiated into the chant of the powerful Rama Mantra. Unfortunately for the father, his first two sons were not up to the mark spiritually. Tyagaraja the third son seemed to be different. So the father promptly taught his son to worship of Rama daily.

Like his father, Sri Tyagaraja too was initiated into the chant of the name of Rama, and this, it appears, was done by Ramakrishnananda Swami. Sri Tyagaraja kept chanting the Great Rama Name almost non-stop, and when he crossed the count of one crore, it seems that Rama appeared momentarily and gave Darshan. An ecstatic Tyagaraja burst into song, and from then on there was no looking back.

Sri Tyagaraja was blessed with the darshan by Lord Rama Himself due to the power of Rama Nama japam. The song that he sang on the divine vision he had of Lord Rama and Lakshmana protecting sage Vishvamitra's Yagna.....

Ela nI dayarAdu parAku jEsE vELa samayamu gAdu
How come I do not receive your compassion? This is not the time to be indifferent.
bAla kanakamaya cEla sujana paripAla shrI ramAlOla vidhrta sharajAla
shubada karunAlavAla ghananIla navya vana mAlikA bharaNa (Ela)
You are the boy with golden dress. You rule over virtuous people. You are loved by ramA (devi). You are a skillful archer.
You are merciful. Your complexion is blue. And you have tuLasi garland as ornament.

Rama Nama Japam - Chant 1008 times in 11 minutes