COVID Aid for India : Defeat the Second Wave

Namaskar and Greetings!

       You are aware that over these past few days our mother country India has seen a huge increase in the number of COVID -positive cases. As of today, April 30th, 2021, it is estimated that almost 18.8 million have tested positive, and that the number of deaths till now is around 200,000. The spike in cases over the past couple of weeks has been huge. Some even estimate that 300 million Indians may have been affected with the virus.

       As a part of reaching out to members in our mother country we would like to partner with SEWA international.

       Sewa International has in the past year worked with multiple organization to carry out important and major relief work in response to the pandemic. The news from India has surely caused great concern to all our community members and you may now be busy raising funds to help in the relief work in India.

       As you always extended your  generous support in the past years to support on many social causes through our temple, we are requesting you to join hands with temple management again, and you can write a check , pay through online portals or we can work with you to see how best you can transfer the money you have raised for this cause through your known sources.

       Our temple will write a check for the total amount raised for this cause to SEWA international for buying supplies and ensuring that the much-needed oxygen-concentrators are acquired and shipped to hospitals, and that safety gear, food, and other essential items are offered to people, and especially to old-age homes and orphanages.

       Sewa is planning to distribute 10,000 "essentials kits" -- that include food, basic medicine, masks, sanitizers, etc. -- across the nation, through a network of organizations, and serve 1,000 orphanages and old-age homes across major cities.

$201 for community homes with 20-30 people, such as orphanages and old-age homes (food, basic medicines, masks, sanitizers, etc.)

$501 for oxygen concentrator -- we are about to ship 200 concentrators soon.

    Distribution of Concentrators planned via 21 Nodal Centers in 16 states. SEWA has  a team of 200+ volunteers in Bharat right now for Digital HelpDesk, and ~800 would be involved in Concentrator deployment on the field.


   They will be deploying the concentrators across budget hospitals, COVID care centres, NGO centres, and some government facilities to our requested location in Bharath.

   Hence , kindly let us all join and come together to extend our piece of help to the real needy in our mother country and be part of this great humanitarian effort.

Raj polavaram, M.D,
Sri Venkateswara Temple of North Carolina