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God God We, the children of God have different belief systems, particularly with reference to God. Did everything appear by itself? There were two friends one a believer in God and the other an atheist who used to vehemently argue there is neither God, nor anything called God’s Creation and that Nature created itself. On […]

Siva Tandava and Lasya

Siva Tandava and Lasya Lord Siva is also known as Nataraj, the Dancing God. This divine art form is performed by Lord Siva and his divine consort Goddess Parvati. The dance performed by Lord Siva is known as Tandava. Siva’s Tandava is a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation […]


Shaivism By Radhakrishnamurthy Bhandaru Gigantic Amarnath Caves with Naturally formed large Ice Linga (inset) Shaivism is the faith followed by those who worship Lord Siva as the supreme God. The followers are known as Shaivites. Shaivism is one of the four Hindu faiths. The other three faiths are: 1)Vaishnavisim the faith followed by those who […]

Greatness of Pāncharātrā

Greatness of Pāncharātrā References from the Vedās, Mahābhārathā, ādi Sankarā, etc.   kamapyādhyaṁ guruṁ vande kamalā gṛhamedhinam| pravaktā chandasāṁ vaktā pañca rātrasya yaḥ svayam|| I pay obeisance to the First and foremost āchārya, the Consort of Mahālakshmi (Nārāyana). He is the Head of the Family, from whom the whole Universe evolves. He is an āchāryā, […]